Essence, Purpose & mission

Finding Your Essence & Purpose in Life

What is your 
purpose in Life?  Who are you at your core?  Finding the answers to these questions is the basis for this transformational seminar.  Life becomes much easier and more joyful when you are in alignment with your purpose and essence. Your path becomes clearer having a personal hand book to operate from. Through a series of exercises, meditations and metaphorical stories, we will construct the scaffolding of your essence and purpose which will then be composed into highly personal statements. There will also be time for relaxation, reflection, and being in nature.

"My husband and I spent a wonderful weekend in Sedona, AZ with Patrick and would highly recommend the process to anyone wanting to get in touch with who they really are and what they really want out of life. Working with Patrick to help clarify my true essence and purpose was nothing short of magical. The process is very grounding and supportive and helped me bring out my best self. I continue to use my essence, purpose and mission statement whenever I start to feel myself spinning in the stratosphere and need to come back home! Patrick is a master at facilitation and uses a great combination of humor, humility and honor to help you bring out your E & P."     

Allison Simson                 

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Dates:  June 7-9, 2018
Cost:  $750   Price includes the seminar, room, and meals
Host:  Patrick Lilly
Location:  710 Lapla Road, Kingston, NY 12401

Newburgh (45 minutes), Albany (70 minutes), Newark (2 hours), and LaGauardia (2 hours) are the closest airports; try to avoid JFK