Ashton Gustafson 

Public speaker, realtor, artist, musician and poet. ​Ashton writes about the art of living, finding beauty in hidden places, and making music with your life, relationships and business. His podcast, 'Good, True, & Beautiful' serves as a platform for thought leaders and visionaries.


Patrick Lilly

Realtor, transformational life coach, speaker, and world traveler. Curious by nature, Patrick likes to explore other ways of being, thinking, feeling and living. A major theme in his life is creating businesses that feeds both your soul and your bank account.

LeeAnn Heinbaugh

Spiritual guide, teacher and writer. Her life's work is to walk with others on their journeys to find wholeness, healing and happiness. LeeAnn lives in the Tzu'tujil Mayan town of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala where she explores her passions of sacred story, ritual and community.


Please join us in Tucson this April 22-24, 2018 for our second annual retreat of transformation.

Being Alive

Imagine a world where you are fully present, attentive to all that surrounds you, where love and joy fill your days and fear is left behind.  Imagine your life with meaning and humor and connection.  This year's Oomph Retreat will focus on 'Being Alive', what it means and what it does not, what it looks and feels like, and what might that road be.  We will explore themes of vulnerability, presence, intuition, heart vs. mind, living from the inside out, enneagrams, true self/false self, designing life guidelines, and much more.

“I want more out life. My heart knows it is there.”

Oomph is a community of seekers who come together to ask, share and answer life's big questions.  We believe that growing personally and spiritually is the key to living happy, heart centered lives.  Oomph offers space, content, and a wonderfully curious community and we believe we are all teachers, students and leaders.

​​One Attendee's Experience

"I am not one for retreats when the focus is not on my business, yet I was compelled to attend Oomph due to the facilitators two of whom I knew professionally and admired their outspokenness about their lives as spiritual beings.  What I was unprepared for was the level of honesty, openness and sharing that this small group of high functioning adults would divulge.  From the first night, I was afraid to answer the first question of "what was I hoping to get out of this experience" only to discover we nearly all shared our fears of being so open and vulnerable.  To find a sense of safety in strangers is a very new thing for me.  Now, let me share this was not a therapy group or session or encounter.  Rather, it was a group of individuals who recognized we are so much more than our businesses or families and there was a thread of continuity between us that we wanted more out of human to human relationships.  Yes, we acknowledged we are spiritual beings having a physical experience so what did that mean to us?  Why do we do the things we do in our daily lives?  Why are we in the businesses we are in?  How can we bring more of ourselves to every moment so that we do not feel that life is just happening to us or passing us by?  These are eternal human questions and in the safety of a small circle we got to explore some of these questions - by truly hearing others in their experiences, sharing our own, asking for and offering clarity through love.    It was surprisingly liberating to me personally and I know I left that little group with profound new friendships. Some of whom I call upon even today.  Did I rest well? No, for I was unleashing my fears of being open and transparent in front of strangers and friends alike.  Did I cry?  Yes, from relief, grief, joy, and love.  Would I do it again?  You bet.  This is not a religious gathering though you may feel some religious juices flowing in your heart as the words shared touch you.  This is not therapy in any conventional sense yet I left feeling I had experienced some healing and personal growth.  This was, to me, a simple exploration to re-engage in a community that had NOTHING to do with what I do or how I define myself.  Being present in the moment is elusive and highly difficult to achieve in our modern world and I came away with a gift to be able to center myself at any moment under nearly any circumstances and I have that gift to this day."
Ron Armstrong, Asheville NC

April 22nd-24th, 2018
Redemptorist Renewal Center
7101 West Picture Rocks Road, Tucson, AZ

Registration Includes Meals & Lodging

Cost ranges from $830 - $890 depending on room size and occupancy